Fairflexx Digital – Software for your trade fair.

fairflexx’s support can allow you to experience how easy and effective trade fair organization, execution and follow-up can be. Questionnaires and more. Surveys, call notes, trade fair leads.

Our Products:

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We offer solutions for:

  • Trade fair planning;
  • Trade fair marketing;
  • Cultivating trade fair contacts;
  • Capturing visitor data;
  • Digitizing trade fair call notes, questionnaires and business cards;
  • Capturing digital and paper leads;
  • Lead management, realized with our fair software;
  • Producing digital visit reports.

digitize trade fair call notes and visit reports

A brand new fairflexx solution!

Our Products

If you:

  • would like to capture your trade fair contacts in a process reliable way,
  • need lead management for your trade fairs, i.e. capturing leads on paper and digitally with a tablet,
  • are searching for a support for your trade fair marketing
  • and you would like to organize you trade fair planning in the best possible way,

For the case if you:

  • want to use you booth even longer and to market it even better,
  • want to invite even more visitors to your booth after the event, too,
  • would like to collect more trade fair leads and get more new contacts
  • and to impress your visitors with a digital booth, too,

Are you searching for:

  • an application for questionning your visitors?
  • a technical possibility for an interactive presentation?
  • a digitalization of a live interview?
  • Or do you have another special wish?

Would you like:

  • to digitize your trade fair paper call notes with a smartphone?
  • to work with paper on smaller events, but without a scanner?
  • to provide your trade fair consultants with a scanning smartphone app?
  • to save place when scanning at your booth?

You would like to use your tablet for:

  • capturing your trade fair call notes digitally?
  • presenting your visitors digital advertising material?
  • using it on trade fairs and when distributing?
  • accessing your CRM system data?

Still have any questions about our products?

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