Digital lead capture with fairflexxCapture

fairflexxCapture is a Fairflexx tablet solution for digital lead capture right at the booth. Here’s the FAQ.

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fairflexxCapture is a Fairflexx tablet solution for digital lead capture right at the booth.


You can not only capture the trade fair conversation note, but you can also digitally take over the business cards using the photo function or create drawings and notes.

The unique selling point of the Fairflexx lead management sys­tem is the digital processing of trade fair call notes on paper. With fairflexxCapture, there is a possibility to carry out the cap­ture purely digitally on the tablet without a paper form – but also without necessarily having to do without paper. That is the key advantage.

For example, you can continue wor­king with paper for technical resilience purposes or simply because not every­one from the stand staff wants to work with paper in addition to the digital capture. Fairflexx ensures that both types of leader capture come together technically.

The fairflexxCapture app is available for Android and iOS tablets.

The app is used in conjunction with the Fairflexx lead manage­ment system. The digital questionnaires are defined on the Fairflexx sys­tem and then down­loaded to the tablets. The advantage of this technique is that the question­naires are central­ly managed and they can be used on any number of tablets.

The functionality of the fairflexxCapture app is divided into the following areas:

  • Digital questionnaire
  • Notes and sketches
  • Photo of the business card(s)
  • Photo of appendages and objects

An online connection to the Fairflexx lead management system is only necessary if new or modified ques­tionnaires are to be downloaded to the tablet or if the collected leads are to be uploaded to the Fairflexx lead management system.

The app always captures a complete lead. All the documents are collected and they form a bracket so that the data in the Fairflexx lead manage­ment system can be further edited as a lead.

After successfully logging into the Fairflexx cloud, the related event can be selected and all the documents will be uploaded to the Fairflexx servers via a secure connection. The data will be deleted from the tablet after each successful transfer.

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