fairflexx360 is a virtual trade fair, a virtual showroom and at the same time a digital communication platform including lead management and statistical evaluation!

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Press the button and discover the possibilities of a virtual digital tour.

If the Corona virus causes a lack of direct contact with customers and prospects by your sales team, you can communicate virtually using fairflexx360!

fairflexx360 is an individually designed virtual and digital communication platform enabling your sales to stay in touch with customers and prospects in an elegant way. Offer your sales and your customers a vivid high-quality virtual tour!

We photograph the booth with a 360-degree camera immediately after the construction. This is the quickest and easiest way to virtu­alize an envi­ron­ment and you actually manage to capture the atmo­sphere right at the place – it only takes a few minutes.

Or we can render your booth or showroom from the delivered CAD data. As a successful example of this, take a look at this link: https://brita-int.ff360.de/

After that, we place so-called hotspots in the 360-degree images. The hot­spots are prepared in advance, so that we can put the virtual fair online as soon as possible.

Examples of these hotspots include PDF brochures, videos, images or web content.

You can make your virtual booth publicly available. This property makes it easy to reach anyone who’s inter­ested in your products or services. You can either grant free access or make sure that visitors register in advance and then receive an invitation e-mail with an access code after visual inspection of the data entered.

You can also make your virtual stand available to a selected audience. To do this, you can create any number of e‑mails with a personalized access code.

The virtual booth also functions as a “stand-alone solution”, without inte­gra­tion into the Fairflexx lead management system. However, if you use the lead management system for your presence you can  additionally manage the virtual leads. That means that visitor mails can be generated, the virtual leads are included in the statis­tics and the data is given away to the export or transferred to your CRM system.

Your virtual booth with fairflexx360

We are Fairflexx!

With fairflexx360 you can use the high investments of your booth much longer: it’s your virtual booth, virtual showroom and a digital communication platform on your homepage!

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