Why Fairflexx? Our unique software provides sup­­­port in the trade fair process. Not only in the organisation, but in the imple­­­­menta­­­tion and the follow-up as well. Our goal is to reduce your stress levels at a trade fair as much as pos­sible.

Why Fairflexx?

There’s no question about it: every trade fair is a source of stress. From the point of the planning stage, stress is inevitable. Organize the exhibi­tion space. Plan the booth and its con­struc­tion. Arrange acco­mmo­dation, stand personnel, events and catering. Schedule the sales team and interna­­­tion­­­al sales represen­­tatives. Don’t for­­­get the tech and infra­struc­ture! Send invita­tions, marketing the trade fair with its new products and features… What should we do for the display? Are the new flyers and brochures finished? Are there enough of them? Are the presen­ta­tions for the com­­­pu­­­ter terminals clear? The list goes on and on.

Our unique software provides sup­­­port in the trade fair process. Not only in the organisation, but in the imple­­­­menta­­­tion and the follow-up as well. Our goal is to reduce your stress levels at a trade fair as much as pos­sible. With Fairflexx, every­­­one will be able to find helpful tools for their needs, up to and including an all-round carefree service package. Our solution is suitable for both small and large enter­­­prises. The unique selling point of our lead management system is the digital processing of trade fair call notes made on paper.

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Every contact you get at a trade fair is like a little nugget of gold and should be treated with care.

The central functionality of Fairflexx is the recording of paper-based visitor reports and business cards, which helps you generate and organize trade fair leads. For events with smaller visitor numbers, we also provide tablets for electronic recor­ding of date. In both cases, we help you to reliable record, digitalize and save your trade fair contact into your CRM system.

Fairflexx supports you in the statistical analysis of the gener­ated trade fair leads. Personalized e-mails are sent to your visitors, while at the same time your chosen sales repre­sen­ta­tives are in­formed of each visitor’s interests.

Our well-versed team at Fairflexx is happy to support you in many tasks relating to your trade fair, including creating notes, completing contact details, and of course, correcting the digi­tized trade fair notes and business cards.

Average Time Savings




Service Package

Practical development

From the very beginning, Fairflexx was supported and inspired by experienced trade fair exhibitors. Even while still under deve­lop­­ment, it was to some extent being used at trade fairs. This allowed practical experience to be integrated right from the start.

Flexible customization

Fairflexx can be extensively adapted to meet your specific needs with minimal effort by the multi­tude of configuration and design options. Should you have any questions, our support team is happy to help.

Continuous development

Fairflexx is an application that runs online and is continu­ously under development. That means that you instantly benefit from improve­ments, new features and modules.

International base

Trade fairs are often places where people from different countries meet. Fairflexx is designed in a way that it can work with many different lan­guages. This applies both to your employ­ee’s language and that of the visitors and customers at the trade fair.

Attractive Features

Leading OCR engine

To deliver the best possible results when digitizing your information, we make use of one of the world’s leading OCR engines. This allows us to realize an above-average rate of recognition.

Modern and intuitive user interface

Fairflexx’s web interface was designed so that very little training is needed to start working with it, and even the most seemingly complicated tasks can be easily learned. Created as an online, cloud-based application, Fairflexx is ready for you to use right away.

Hardware availability

In addition to the Fairflexx software, you also have the option of borrowing the required hardware (e.g. scanners and tablets) for the duration of the trade fair or even longer. This hard­ware can also be used for testing purposes.

Leading hosting provider

Privacy and data security are very important to us. We want to ensure that your data held with Fairflexx will never be lost or stolen. That is why Fairflexx runs on the secure, well-established Microsoft Azure platform.

Extended statistical analysis

In addition to the plentiful statistics that Fairflexx includes as standard, you can also generate additional highly-infor­mative customized analyses. You can also export the lead data that you have gathered to import it into other programs.

Premium support

Our Fairflexx team is available to you around the clock during your trade fair. We’re also ready to help at any time before or after. If needed, we can even assist you on-site at your office, or on location at the trade fair itself.

The Core Process

A visitor has just arrived at your exhibit at the trade fair. He is inter­ested in one of your products. You talk to the visitor, create a trade fair note (as a paper form or on tablet) and possibly take a business card. Both the note and the business card are put aside for a while, because the next visitor is already waiting.

At a suitable time, such as when there is less traffic at your stand, you scan the collected call notes and business cards. These docu­ments then arrive directly on our server.

Our software recognizes which interests have been marked on the question­naire and interprets the con­tent of the scanned business card. Using the information obtained from the note and the busi­ness card, various assessments are made. For example, the ap­pro­priate sales representative can be assigned.

The trade fair note, along with the business card, land in an appli­cation that Fairflexx calls “correction.” There, you can check to see if our soft­ware correctly recognized all the infor­ma­tion and, if nec­essary, make correc­tions. This can be done imme­diately, in the evening, or after the trade fair. When this step is com­plet­ed, you can release the file for further pro­ces­sing. If desired, this step can be comple­ted entirely by our Fairflexx team.

Now the information can be made available for the relevant team members. The visitor receives an auto­matic e‑mail with additional information like digital brochures or the names of relevant employees.

Now you are ready to view the initial analyses of the information. Where do the interested parties come from? How many of them were existing customers? What are they interested in? How many of those who are interested in product A and product B come from Hesse?