We have developed the fairflexxFotoScan app for Android and iOS smart­phones to enable quick and easy collecting of paper documents directly on the booth. These are, for example, call notes or business cards.

visitor data processing

The Fairflexx lead management system allows you to manually cap­ture it using the tried and tested paper form in addi­tion to the digital recording of trade fair call notes on tablets. Sure, the use of paper has many advan­tages. However, there is a problem that these paper forms must be captured using a digital pro­ces­sing scanner. For users of trade fair call notes on paper at smaller events with a low visitor frequency, the fairflexxFotoScan app was developed.

The FotoScan app is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Since it’s using the latest image pro­cessing technology, it makes it very easy to record forms and business cards. This allows paper docu­ments to be recorded by the respective stand staff immedi­ately after the con­sul­ta­tion directly at the stand. But also a central recording by an employee in the exhibition back office is pos­sible.

With an online connection, you can upload the leads to the Fairflexx lead management system immediately. If no online connection is possible during the event, you can of course work offline, too.

For each consultation, i.e. for each lead, a paper form and if left, one or more business cards are recorded. The appli­cation recog­nizes the temp­late outlines by itself and triggers automa­tically.

In addition, attachments like drawings and notes can be captured and stored.

Objects like custom patterns or even photos of the visitor can also be easily captured with fairflexxFotoScan.

The app always captures a complete lead. All related documents are col­lect­ed and they form a bracket, so that the photos saved in the Fairflexx lead manage­ment system can further be edited as a lead.

After successfully logging into the Fairflexx cloud, the related event can be selected and all documents will be uploaded to the Fairflexx servers via a secure connection. The documents will be deleted from the smartphone after each successful transfer.

Scanning business cards with fairflexxFotoScan

We have developed the app to enable quick and easy collecting of paper documents like scanning business cards or call notes directly on the booth. Here’s the FAQ.

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