You ask, we answer: How do I get an activation code? How do I get a username? How can I change my password? What do I do if

You ask, we answer:

To use fairflexxFotoScan, please request an activation code here: https://www.­

Only if you are already a fairflexx customer you can request a username. Please talk to your internal project manager or get in touch with your fairflexx project manager.

To change your password, please contact your internal project manager or fairflexx project manager.

Do you have a working Wi-Fi or Internet connection? Yes, then please transfer again. If this does not result in a success­ful transfer, check your settings. In the technical settings, please set or test https://­fast­ Then enter username and password. In the event of further failure, please contact fairflexx Technical Support.

fairflexxFotoScan allows you to easily transfer your report sheets and business cards without a scanner. The trade fair reports and maps can also be trans­ferred in a bundle and then digitized by the fairflexx system.

fairflexx offers you cloud-based trade fair software for leader versioning on both paper and mobile devices. The trade fair leads are digitized and validated and fur­ther processed in the fairflexx system by people. Afterwards, personalized visitor emails and digital visitor reports can be sent. Interfaces to the most common CRM systems are available and of course, they can also be adapted to your system. Or just create an Excel- or CSV-export.

Your visitor registration at trade fairs can be designed very individually. fairflexx is geared to your needs and will be happy to submit your tailor-made offer to en­able an optimised marketing.